Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Killeen


Living in Killeen, Texas, certainly comes with its fair share of upsides. The city (located just 55 miles north of Austin and two hours southwest of Dallas) is known for its luminous Texan landscape, massive population boom over the last five years, and variety of museums, theaters, and high-end luxury homes among other points of interest.

As with all locales, there are also a few downsides to living here as well, giving Killeen a well-rounded balance for residents and tourists alike. Below, read an expert guide to all the pros and cons of living in Bell County and Killeen in particular. Let’s take a look!

Pros of living in Killeen

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, it’s worth diving into the reasons why so many people have chosen Bell County as their new home (especially over the last ten years). Below, find a few of the strongest benefits of living in Killeen.

Near zero pollution

Air pollution is one aspect of living in an expanding city that many people forget to take into account until it’s grown into a problem. Luckily, the central Texas location of Killeen makes it an ideal place for a booming economy and community to take root. The city itself generates very little pollution, yet the flat geography in the county ensures that it rarely stays overhead. Moderate humidity levels of about 75% throughout the year also help to keep the air almost pollution free.

Shockingly fast internet speeds

This is a pro to living in a modern city that can make or break your experience, depending on your type of work and your personal lifestyle. In the 21st century, it’s essential that a city of Killeen’s size have reliable internet access with acceptable speeds. That’s what you would expect for other parts of the state, at least. In fact, Killeen is home to some of the fastest up- and download times in the U.S. thanks to its robust internet systems and low risk of outages.

Population growth has been steady

In the last five years alone, Killeen has grown in size by over 10% to total well beyond 145,000 residents. That rapid growth gives the city an active feeling, almost urban in the denser parts of the area near downtown. With a higher population comes more housing opportunities, more diverse dining options, and a lot more chances to enjoy the city with a group.

Cons of living in Killeen

Chilly winters and steamy summers

Texas is home to a unique climate that can be extremely variable depending on the time of year and the landscape of one’s particular city. Killeen is a special case because it’s located in the center of the state where winters can bring heavy winds and even snow at times (though it rarely sticks to the ground). If you thought before that Texas stayed hot all year, Killeen will change your mind. Average winter lows reach the upper 20s while the summer highs often clear 100 degrees.

Shopping is a little generic

Killeen in particular does lack the number of boutiques that you’ll find in other mid-sized Texas towns. The city has grown by leaps and bounds since the 2000s, and there haven’t been a great deal of cute shops, cafes, and restaurants to pop up in the meantime. However, keep in mind that Killeen’s central location makes it an ideal home base from which to start a short shopping trip to neighboring cities should the fancy strike you.

Dense population impacts local environment

Along with the rise in homeowners and residents, the local environment has come under more and more stress. Nearby flora and fauna may be living in stress at particular times as the population expands outside the previous city limits. Keep in mind that living in Killeen means living among the wild natural frontier that makes Texas unique. As the economy grows, so should residents’ alarm that native greenery and animals may be under threat.

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With this guide to the honest pros and cons of living in Killeen, you will be much better equipped to visit the city and consider living here yourself. To wrap up our list of pros and cons, here is a summary:

  • Killeen, TX has grown 10% in the last five years, aiding in a boost to the local economy and internet speeds while dropping air pollution.
  • At the same time, the density of the population may push out native animals and plants.
  • Shopping centers and grocery stores are big box stores for the most part, and the winters can be surprisingly cold to new residents.
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